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Precious Serpentine Compound Mat

Precious Serpentine

The precious serpentine is a special mineral that emits a special life energy. It contains more than 40% magnesium (chlorophyll nucleus), a great energy source for the human body, and activates dormant energy in the body by emitting energy of 6–14 µm wavelength, the most suitable wavelength for the human body, and absorbing the resonance of energy in the body.

Sources : Mineralogical Society of Korea, Basic Science Institute (Chungnam National University), Korean Earth Science Society,
Seoul National University Library, Korea Conformity Laboratories, Korea Testing and Research Institute for Chemical Industry, Korea Far Infrared Association

Scientifically Proven Special Energy
Far-infrared radiation + Magnetism + Wave energy
Special Energy according to Oriental Philosophy
The special energy is a basic force in the universe, an invisible force that affects the essence of life, that is, the yin-yang and the five elements of the universe.
Scholars of Special Energy
Gyeong-deok Seo, Yul-gok Yi, Toe-gye Yi, Confucius, Mencius, Chuang-tzu, Lao-tzu, etc.

Effects of Precious Serpentine

Our products use natural precious serpentine as a raw ingredient. This new concept using precious serpentine which we developed by combining far-infrared radiation thermotherapy and the beneficial theory for the human body. Our new concept of using precious serpentine has a strong penetrating power, acts even on the deepest parts of the body, magnetizes micro-elements in the body (magnesium, calcium, iron, sodium, oxygen, etc.), produces resonance according to the changing direction of the magnetic field, promotes the metabolism of cells by stimulating the cells of the body, and effectively discharges toxins from the body by strengthening the reproduction ability of cells. It is also highly effective in disease prevention and treatment as it promotes blood circulation.

  • Release of a great amount of far-infrared radiation, which helps improve blood circulation
  • Antibacterial activity against fungi, bacteria, etc.
  • Removal or weakening of foul odor
  • Activation of good metabolism
  • Activation of the flow of the meridian system energy of
    the human body
  • Removal of electromagnetic waves and the Earth’s
    radiation, which are harmful to the human body
  • Improvement of the environment through the generation
    of a great amount of anions

Overall Effects

It makes acidic blood alkalic and improves the autonomic nerves, thus helping treat the root cause of diseases. By raising the temperature, it improves the functions of the autonomic nerves, thus making the constitution become resistant to diseases. It is a representative personal thermal stimulator that helps relieve pain and prevents painless areas from becoming painful.

Low-Frequency Generator

The low-frequency generator directly massages the muscles by applying stimulation, which is a weak (low-frequency) electricity, relieves nerve pain, and promotes blood circulation. It is a physical therapy device that helps one relieve his/her pain and recover from acute pain, such as pain from a stitch, etc., and chronic pain.

Materials : Precious serpentine, Ceramic