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Automatic Thermal Massager

DMS-9000AI Automatic Thermal Massager


Internal emitter
The internal light projector, which generates thermal energy on the precious serpentine roller, is designed to move up and down the curvature rail from the cervical spine to the lumbar spine. The far-infrared radiation and the mysterious minerals of the precious serpentine are applied on the 4 rollers and the 12 moxibustion poles, along with the thermal heat generated from the precious serpentine roller. Thus, electrical thermal heat is generated from the precious serpentine roller, and functions, such as massage, acupressure, and moxibustion, are programmed so that the 4 rollers do 14 moxibustions upward and 13 moxibustions downward by upward and downward movement. Moreover, it expands the distance of the curvature rail so that the operation scope is expanded and its operation angle is wide. It is an effective smart machine that anybody can use conveniently.
Low-Frequency Stimulator
The low-frequency Stimulator relaxes stiff muscles by applying stimulation, which is a weak (low-frequency) electricity. It is a physical therapy device that helps relieve chronic pain.
Low-Frequency (Cupping-Style) Pad
With an improved design and equipped with the functions of moxibustion, acupressure, and tapping, it massages the muscles. Moreover, by improving the existing pads, the square and cupping-style pads are easy to attach as they can just be pushed gently on the desired area. Furthermore, the effect is enhanced if water or gel is used on the surface. The product is also easily detachable.
Actuating Plate
It is equipped with a power input; a power switch; a safety fuse; ventilators on each side; low-frequency three-bulb and nine-bulb external light projectors; a remote control; and a connector that can be connected to the abdomen cover.
Precious Serpentine Mat with the Function of “Ondol”
“Ondol” is a traditional Korean heating system reputed to be efficient and scientific. The system not only heats well with highly efficient heat radiation, heat conduction, and convection current, but is also good for the health. The system raises the body temperature to promote blood circulation, relax the muscles, and help in sleeping.
Remote Control
It enables easy control so that the functions of every component (three- and nine-bulb external light projectors, internal part, abdomen cover, and low-frequency generator) can easily be realized. Moreover, a new function for visually impaired people is added so that different melodies are played for different functions. The remote control is easy to use, and it shows various error messages if problems occur so that appropriate measures can easily be taken. In addition, it often notifies the functional information of the machine for enhanced customer convenience and satisfaction.
External emitter(3) External emitter(9)
The External emitter(3,9) is made from precious serpentine, with reinforced features. It is ergonomically designed to fit any part of the body. Its thermal features have been upgraded and its design has been improved to enable the simultaneous use of External emitter(3) External emitter(9). A light projector with 8–16 µm far-infrared radiation, which is useful to the human body, is applied on the lower limbs (thighs and calves), with added thermal and moxibustion effects.
Ankle Band
It is made from natural precious serpentine and developed by combining far-infrared radiation thermotherapy and the beneficial theory for the human body. The new concept of the precious serpentine is that it penetrates well and functions even in the deepest parts of the body so that it causes trace elements (magnesium, calcium, iron, sodium, oxygen, etc.) to magnetize. Moreover, the ankle band is easy to wear and fixes the ankle to help maintain the balance of the pelvis and in blood circulation.
Heat Resolution of Thermal Massage
Heat Resolution of Thermal Massage
Infrared Ray Thermal Test
Infrared Ray Thermal Test

DMS-9000AI Product Specifications

Model Name DMS-9000AI
Rated Voltage AC 165V~280V / 50~60Hz
Power Consumption 165W
Temperature Range 40℃ ~ 70℃
Appropriate Temperature 45℃ ~ 55℃
Product Size Main Part 1255mm x 610mm x 185mm
Auxiliary Mat 795mm x 565mm x 155mm
Basic Frame 1025mm x 585mm x 170mm

* The design may change due to the improvement of quality.