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Precious serpentine Waist Belt

DMS600S Precious serpentine Waist Belt

You can wear it anytime, anywhere.
It is made from natural precious serpentine and developed by combining far-infrared radiation thermotherapy and the beneficial theory for the human body. Our new concept of using precious serpentine has a strong penetrating power, acts even on the deepest parts of the body, magnetizes micro-elements in the body (magnesium, calcium, iron, sodium, oxygen, etc.), produces resonance according to the changing direction of the magnetic field, promotes the metabolism of cells by stimulating the cells of the body, and effectively discharges toxins from the body by strengthening the reproduction ability of cells. It is also highly effective in disease prevention and treatment as it promotes blood circulation.

DMS600S Automatic Thermal Massager Thermal Waist Belt

DMS600S Product Specifications

Model Name DMS600S
Product Name Precious serpentine Waist Belt

* The design may change due to the improvement of quality.