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Personal Low-Frequency Stimulator

DMS880 Personal Low-Frequency Stimulator

DMS880 Personal Low-Frequency Stimulator

Personal Low-Frequency Stimulator Effect
Promotes the metabolism of cells by stimulating them and improves the ability of the body to effectively discharge toxins.
Improves immunity to diseases by promoting blood circulation and relieving fatigue and inflammatory pain.
Stimulates the nerves and muscles, like deeply stuck acupuncture needles, by applying periodic vibration using bioelectric currents. The stimulation is stronger than acupuncture needles.
Helpful in treating obesity and strengthening the muscles by stimulating fat cells using low frequency. It also improves skin elasticity after fat reduction.
Vitalizes the function of each organ by promoting the activation of tissues using periodic low frequency.
Highly effective for the prevention of muscular and skeletal problems such as shoulder discomfort and backache.
The low frequency gently stimulates the muscles, like acupressure or light tapping with the hands, and relieves pain in the waist, arms, and legs.
Product Features
A portable type that can be used anytime, anywhere.
Available for use even when driving as it can be connected to the power
socket of a car.
Can be conveniently used at home using a simple power supply device.
Large-capacity digital CPU that makes various mode selections possible.
The mode, velocity waveform, and output levels can be identified at one
glance on the digital display screen.
Various user conditions, such as speed, can be adjusted according to each
mode selection.
More diverse functions as the scope of the output level was widened.
You can directly check the output level with your own eyes.
You can see the wavelength for treatment as the low-frequency wavelength supplied to the human body is displayed on the screen.
The low-frequency therapy contracts/relaxes muscular fibers.
If you adjust the strength and velocity of the low-frequency wavelength according to your needs, you can receive a very rhythmical and gentle stimulation.
It will automatically turn off 30 min after starting to use it.

DMS880 Product Specifications

Model Name DMS880
Product Name Personal Low-Frequency Stimulator
Power Consumption DC 300mA
Operating Voltage DC12V

* The design may change due to the improvement of quality.