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Precious Serpentine Pillow

DMS500P Precious Serpentine Pillow

“Makes the head cold and the feet warm”
The most important thing for a good sleep is a pillow.

“Good sleep is one of the three keys to a long life, along with healthy diet and regular bowel movement.”

Good sleep affects the concentration of the brain, and is directly related to digestive problems and chronic fatigue. That’s why one of the questions doctors ask when they see their patients for the first time is whether they always have a good sleep. Not having a good sleep is often the first signal that something is wrong with the body.

The DMS500P Precious Serpentine Pillow Thermal Neck Pillow is very effective in pursuing good health while sleeping.

The DMS500P Precious Serpentine Pillow Thermal Neck Pillow is made from materials that contain urethane sponge cushion and precious serpentine.
Precious serpentine generates a great amount of far-infrared radiation and anions, thus cooling down the heat of the head and helping in having a good sleep.
Moreover, it supports the back of the head, thus relaxing tired neck and stiff shoulders.

DMS500P Automatic Thermal Massager Thermal Neck Pillow

DMS500P Product Specifications

Model Name DMS500P
Product Name Precious Serpentine Pillow

* The design may change due to the improvement of quality.