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DMS-8000R Automatic Thermal Massager

This product is a Automatic Thermal Massager permitted for medical device manufacture and GMP. It helps in the blood circulation of the body, with the fusion of oriental medicine as alternative medicine. Far-infrared radiation is released to the cervical spine, spine, and lumbar spine through the generation of heat by applying electrical energy to precious serpentine. Various and mysterious minerals are released, and reciprocating movements, moxibustion and massage, are carried out at the same time, thus improving blood circulation and energizing life.

프리미엄 : 풀 옵션과 최첨단 기술을 갖춘 다목적 열 마사지

“Everybody desires a long life!”

It uses a thermal combined stimulator of alternative medical methods such as chiropractic, thermotherapy, meridian system, meridian point, moxibustion, acupressure, massage, etc. This is a device of alternative medicine for preventing spine-related diseases, diseases of the immune system, etc., by activating immunity in multiple ways.
Oriental medicine is applied, and the functions of spine healing massage, acupressure, moxibustion, and thermotherapy are combined as one. It evenly stimulates special curvature rails, the cervical spine, the thoracic spine, and the lumbar spine, making it an ergonomic product suitable for any body type.
By massaging the back while lying down on a bed-type device (Automatic Thermal Massager), as a medical device of alternative medicine, it helps relieve tiredness and stress for a better blood circulation.
Inside the Bed
Inside the Bed
The main part (1,255 × 610 × 185 mm) has adopted a special curvature rail (reinforced plastic with an elongated stress distance of 1,210 mm) that is ergonomically designed for horizontal movement.
The Internal emitter minimizes friction when moving in accordance with the spinal curve. For maximum acupressure effect, it has been designed with an elongated stress from the cervical spine to the thoracic and lumbar spines.
The sides of the bed have adopted an interior sponge material created through a foaming process used only in seats of high-end automobiles in order to further upgrade the product and provide maximum comfort while in use. Furthermore, the foam excellently recovers its shape and does not change even after it has been used for a long time.
Precious Serpentine
We use cylindrical precious serpentine with three wrinkles for a wider thermal and massage area. At the center, an infrared heater that works on the spinal ridge warms the central part of the spine to relieve stiffness.
Remote Control
For customers to use the multifunctional remote control in the most comfortable state, a remote control is attached to help prevent damage, etc. Moreover, it can rotate by 360° so that customers can use the remote control in the best condition.
Internal emitter Designed Safely with Great Technology and Idea
The effect of the far-infrared radiation generated from the precious serpentine roller and the ergonomically designed Internal emitter provide comfort.
Overheat protection
By placing special temperature sensors in multiple spots and controlling through a smart program, an accurate and reliable function of preventing overheating is applied to ensure safety. It can be safely and conveniently used.
Special Direct Current (DC) Switched-Mode Power Supply (SMPS)
The direct current (DC) switched-mode power supply (SMPS) is an innovatively developed product that is powerful and lightweight. Even during voltage fluctuation and low voltage, it operates effectively and overcomes the loss of electromagnetic waves and electricity so that it can be operated regardless of location.
Precious serpentine heating mat
With natural precious serpentine (magnesium, calcium, iron, sodium, oxygen, etc.) as materials, artificial hexagonal stones are attached to the mini-mat, and direct current is applied so that heat is generated from the precious serpentine. The heat is then applied to the abdomen, thighs, legs, etc., thus improving blood circulation and relaxing the muscles to provide comfort.
External emitter(3) External emitter(9)
With natural precious serpentine (magnesium, calcium, iron, sodium, oxygen, etc.) as materials, direct current is applied so that heat is generated from the precious serpentine with the protruding caps and an appropriate amount of thermal heat is projected to any body part. It is designed in a way that allows the External emitter(3) External emitter(9) to be used simultaneously. Moreover, it is equipped with only one remote control for convenient use.
Remote Control
It enables easy control so that the functions of every component (three- and nine-bulb external light projectors, internal part, abdomen cover, and low-frequency generator) can easily be realized. Moreover, a new function for visually impaired people is added so that different melodies are playing for different functions. The remote control is easy to use, and it shows various error messages if problems occur so that appropriate measures can easily be taken. In addition, it often notifies the functional information of the machine for enhanced customer convenience and satisfaction.
Internal Emitter
The Internal Emitter, which generates thermal energy on the precious serpentine roller, is designed to move up and down the curvature rail from the cervical spine to the lumbar spine. The far-infrared radiation and the mysterious minerals of the precious serpentine are applied on the 4 rollers and 12 moxibustion poles, along with the thermal heat generated from the precious serpentine roller. Thus, electrical thermal heat is generated from the precious serpentine roller, and functions, such as massage, acupressure, and moxibustion, are programmed so that the 4 rollers do 14 moxibustions upward and 13 moxibustions downward by up and down movement. Moreover, it expands the distance of the curvature rail so that the operation scope is expanded and its operation angle is wide. It is an effective smart machine that anybody can use conveniently.
Low-Frequency Stimnlator
The low-frequency Stimnlator relaxes stiff muscles by applying stimulation, which is a weak (low-frequency) electricity. It is a physical therapy device that helps relieve chronic pain. With an improved design and equipped with the functions of moxibustion, acupressure, and tapping, it massages the muscles. Moreover, by improving the existing pads, the square and cupping-style pads are easy to attach as they can just be pushed gently on the desired area. Furthermore, the effect is enhanced if water or gel is used on the surface. The product is also easily detachable.
Hand Massage (Sold Separately)
It improves facial muscle relaxation and blood circulation. Moreover, it helps improve the facial contour and skin elasticity by activating metabolism. (It can be used on the entire body.)